3 cushion billiard systems download

3 cushion billiard systems

A PATRICK DUPONT' SYSTEM The next tip is an arithmetic help to play 3 cushions in the lenght of the billiard table without use the diamond system. With this. On the other hand, most professional billiard players don't use it, with one exception: that the majority 3-cushion players use a diamond system of some sort . System” which takes its starting point from the short and long cushion, with arrival points is extremely accurate according to the arrival point on the 3rd cushion.

Before we embark together on this new billiards odyssey, I'd like to clarify two points, 1) The systems, concepts and methods you will read in my column are. Title: 3 cushion billiards diamond system,long,long,short, Author: Alexander Balomenos, Name: 3 cushion billiards diamond system,long,long,short, Length: Ball-Effect systems are based on a new method appeared fairly recently and they are of % of the plays that we can find in a game of three-cushion billiards. In this example, we would choose the solution 3 +9, because in the 6 +6.

Find helpfull tips, tricks shots and animated exemples on billiard game. The Basic Diamond System 2. Efficiency Limits 3. Step 1: Finding the Finish Point 4.