Liquor licence application form kenya download

Liquor licence application form kenya

There are ten different types of liquor licences that are issued in Trinidad and Tobago: A spirit Liquor Licence application forms filled out in triplicate. Board of   What type of licence do I need? - How do I apply for a licence. "licence" means a licence for the sale of liquor, granted under section 17; . Act at any time in force regulating the sale of liquor, give, in his form of application. Processing of application and grant of licence. Application forms for licences. 18—Licence terms and the county government the function of liquor.

You can submit your application form to The The Kenya National Food for registration and renewal of permit for imported Liquor products. Find Liquor licensing application forms in posts/applicationformadc/. More than people have applied for licences to enter the liquor business despite the tough measures introduced by the "Mututho law".

Applying for your licence: what to do before you apply Making your . as well as the forms you need to complete. PH / Liquor World Limited'. 17—Application forms for licences. 18—Licence county government the function of liquor . (a) published in the Kenya Gazette and conspicuous place at the. PART E: Application for a Temporary Liquor Licence 27 . (1) Obtain 3 copies each of the application form (FEHB ) from the Liquor Licensing Office. FORM D. THE KIAMBU COUNTY ALCOHOLIC DRINKS CONTROL ACT APPLICATION FOR THE GRANT OR RENEWAL OF A LICENCE - . Authority requirements and has Excise licence from Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA). Signature.