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Mass murder

Mass murder is the act of murdering a number of people, typically simultaneously or over a relatively short period of time and in close geographic proximity. Category:Mass murder - Mass murder in - Mass murder in A mass shooting is an incident involving multiple victims of firearms-related violence. It's now been nearly four decades since a family and ship crew were murdered at sea just outside of Craig, Alaska -- and the case still hasn't.

A. Aberdeen, Maryland shooting. African Union base attack in Bulo Marer. Ahvaz military parade attack. Asdira funeral bombing. For the past 15 years my colleagues and I have conducted research on adolescents and adults who commit mass murder (see our research at forensis. org). The FBI defines mass murder as “Four or more murders occurring during the same incident, with no distinctive time period between the murders. These events .

We can figure out the typical demographics and psychological profile of mass murderers, but this won't be enough to predict and prevent the crimes. Mass murder definition: Mass murder is the deliberate illegal killing of a large number of people by a person or | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and. All the latest breaking news on mass shooting. Browse The Independent's complete collection of articles and commentary on mass shooting. James Holmes, on the other hand, shot and killed twelve people and injured fifty- eight others at a Colorado movie theater, making him a mass murderer.