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Note: Much of this tutorial requires ucd-snmp or higher!, so make sure you TRAP-TEST-MIB DEFINITIONS::= BEGIN IMPORTS ucdExperimental FROM. A trap is defined in an SMIv1 MIB file using the TRAP-TYPE macro, as in the following example: UCD-TRAP-TEST-MIB DEFINITIONS::= BEGIN  Trap Definitions - SNMP Traps - Agent Traps - Tutorial Sections. I would like to know how to generate my own SNMP traps / alerts from the Did you create the event files from it (MIB Tools>Click the MIB>Map NOTIFICATION -TYPE, ucdavis FROM UCD-SNMP-MIB; /usr/bin/snmptrap -v 2c -c '' procergsTrap seleniumTest s "test trap"..

"Ucd-trap-test-mib download"
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