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Stheiti light

Contribute to potyt/fonts development by creating an account on GitHub. Hello all, I want to use the STHeiti font (that comes with the Mac) for a logo Licensing restrictions apply and won't let me save it into a PDF. scoutlightdb-1 skoda logotype scout light db st heiti seattle seahawks type-.

File, Summary + Labels, Uploaded, Size. AR Mingti Light.7z, AR Mingti Light, Oct 30, , MB., 文鼎细明未修改, Oct 30, , MB. (STHeiti J Light)Font-Simplified Chinese-Traditional Chinese. STHeiti TC Light Font Per the specification, font-family names are case insensitive. STHeiti K. STHeiti TC Light d10e1 font (Font family name: STHeiti TC; Font style name: Light), characters in total. Character distribution range:Basic Latin,Latin-1 .

The problem I am running into is the original banner uses STHeiti Light but I do not have access to this font (did some searching and it looks. In FontBook and other Apple font panel interfaces, STXihei is indeed given the name STHeiti Light, which makes it hard to see that it is actually. 华文细黑:STHeiti Light [STXihei]. 华文黑体:STHeiti. 华文楷体:STKaiti. 华文宋体: STSong. What this looks like in the declaration: font-family.