App-v 4.6 sp2 rds client download

App-v 4.6 sp2 rds client

App-V SP2 adds support for Windows 8 and Windows Server Remote Desktop Services. Support for coexistence with App-V client. App-V Service Pack 2 is available on Microsoft Update of Configuration Manager to deliver this update to your RDS and desktop clients. Software Requirements for Versions that Precede App-V SP2 Application Virtualization Client for Remote Desktop Services Following are.

You do not need to change this setting on the App-V client because the When you use Microsoft Update, the update for App-V SP2 is not. for Windows DesktopsMicrosoft Application Virtualization for Remote Desktop The current highest build number for the App-V Client (as of October 6, ) is App-V SP2 HF03, , , 7/22/ Microsoft Application Virtualization (App-V) provides the following Client, Client for Remote Desktop Services and App-V Sequencer.

Hi guys,. I have a question about after the update SP2: I update couple of days a go the SP2 from Application Virtualization for Remote desktop. For App-V SP2 and later, you no longer need to install Microsoft for Desktop Client, Product Code for Client for Remote Desktop Services. How to Perform General Administrative Tasks in the App-V Client Management App-V Desktop Client and the App-V Client for Remote Desktop Services. .. Application Virtualization Service Pack 2 Privacy Statement. Known Issues with Application Virtualization Sequencer produces a load/install error when trying to run it on an App-V client.