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Handbook of insect rearing

Series: Handbook of Insect Rearing. This new handbook is intended to provide a practical guide for those who wish to rear insects for the first time, whether they be specialists or non-specialists. It is a `do-it-yourself' book, written in a style that is simple and logical to follow. Handbook of Insect Rearing, Vol. I and II. Edited by SinghPritam and MooreR. F.. Vol. I, viii + pp., US$, ISBN ; Vol. II, viii + pp. The Handbook of Insect Rearing is a 'cookbook-style' practical guide which describes standard methods of rearing insects in the laboratory. Entomophagous insects usually reared for use in biologi- cal control programmes, present a continuing challenge to the insect rearer.

jules-jewelry.com: Handbook of Insect Rearing (): Pritam Singh: Books. Title, Handbook of insect rearing, Volume 2. Handbook of Insect Rearing, Ray F. Moore, ISBN , Author, Pritam Singh. Title, Handbook of Insect Rearing, Volume 1. Handbook of Insect Rearing, Pritam Singh. Editors, Ray F. Moore, Pritam Singh. Publisher, Elsevier,

General articles; Coleopera; Collembola; Dictyoptera; Hemiptera (heteroptera); Hemiptera (homoptera); Hymenoptera; Neuroptera. In this handbook only cockroaches, aphids, tsetse flies and social wasps are treated collectively. Descriptions of rearing methods for individual species make up the greater part of the handbook and the coverage extends across ten insect orders. Handbook of insect rearing, vol. 1 and 2 []. Singh, P. (Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, Auckland (New Zealand). Entomology Div.) Moore. Handbook of Insect Rearing, Vol. I and II. Edited by Pritam Singh and R. F. Moore . Vol. I, viii + pp., US$, ISBN ; Vol.