Elite sro cap 110 download

Elite sro cap 110

Elite-Sro. ✓ First of all you should go to ®REGISTER to create a new account. ✓ After registering you need to ↡DOWNLOAD the full client. Cap | PVA| † NOTIC You Must to Know One User ID Have Only One Oharacter You can't Create 2 charcter Information Rates ect: Exp 10x. Success and All server will know Starting from +7! Spoiler Old pvp system. old days are the best.

Cap Server PvE CHEU EXPSP 2x EXPSP Party 3x Gold Drop 4x Tradegoods Enabled Magic-Pop Enabled Max-Plus 12 WithOut Adv. Wellcome to new World of Private Silkroad server Cap PVE exp rate sp rate 50 drop rate 15 gold rate 5 alchemy rate medium new system new coin new . Silkroad Online Private Servers Top list · Cap ; DxiSro drops Or Coins available at Hotan Jewlery Shop 1 coin 1 silk CAP Mastery Only China.

I welcome you to Unlimited Silkroad Online, A newly established server which is deeply in-depth and filled with wonders and great adventures waiting to be. Legion Silkroad private server CAP lv Skills New STYRIA event 15d items x Revision-SRO Old Silkroad Online with new edits Cap Dagree: New private server provided by Roto Games Team, Cap , New Reborn System DetailsPureSRO High rate cap Silkroad server with unique system, . The Details About The Server On Elite Pvpers Come Joing This Amazing Server.