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Comfaa program

COMFAA accompanies Advisory Circular AC /C, “Standardized Method of Reporting Airport Pavement Strength – PCN,” and is designed to work . Airport design software supports pavement design and pay reductions for airport pavement projects. Available software include FAARFIELD, COMFAA, COMPSYS, and other programs. FAARFIELD is the standard thickness design software accompanying AC /F Airport Pavement Design. Airport Pavement Papers & Publications Detail. COMFAA is a program for computing flexible and rigid Aircraft Classification Numbers (ACNs) and pavement thickness. COMFAA - Airport Pavement Thickness and Strength

COMFAA An FAA Computer Program to Compute Pavement Classification Numbers. View 0 Comments ATTC FAA Worldwide. COMFAA is a general-purpose computer program that operates in two computational modes: Aircraft Classification Number (ACN). definitions. • FAA guidance on PCN calculation. • Draft AC /B and computer programs. (COMFAA and new support program).

Firstly, FAA has been published software called COMFAA for computing Acn/ Pcn values due to ICAO requirements and many countries. Operation of the COMFAA Program in Pavement Thickness Mode. 5. Click to Calculate Pavement Thickness. 1. Select. Aircraft. Group. 2. Select. Draft AC /B and computer programs (COMFAA and new support program). Flexible example using COMFAA Rigid example using COMFAA.