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In mathematics and optimization, a pseudo-Boolean function is a function of the form. f: B n → R {\displaystyle f:\mathbf {B} ^{n}\rightarrow \mathbb {R} }  ‎Representations - ‎Optimization - ‎Submodularity - ‎Polynomial. to Pseudo-Boolean (PB) solvers comprises several different learning schemes. we start by defining the pseudo-Boolean solving problem and some operations. PBSugar is a SAT-based Pseudo-Boolean (PB for short) solver. Given PB instance is encoded to a SAT instance, and solved by a SAT solver. Currently, PBSugar can solve problems of the DEC-SMALLINT-LIN (decision problems, small integers, linear constraints) category.

The extension of conflict-based learning from Propositional Satisfiability (SAT) solvers to Pseudo-Boolean (PB) solvers comprises several different learning schemes. However, it is not commonly agreed among the research community which learning scheme should be used in PB solvers. Call for solvers. We encourage the submission of any kind of pseudo-Boolean solver (complete or incomplete solvers, working on linear or non-linear constraints, etc.). It is expected that any pseudo-Boolean solver can be easily modified to conform to these requirements. This thesis proposes an SMT-solver that solves pseudo-Boolean satisfiability problems. In doing so the PB-constraints are encoded as Boolean.

Hossein M. Sheini, Karem A. Sakallah, Pueblo: A Modern Pseudo-Boolean SAT Solver, Proceedings of the conference on Design, Automation and Test in. pseudo-boolean optimization problems. Over the last decade, graphs cuts have become a standard tool for solving such problems. The last couple of years have . mulate Pseudo-Boolean models as integer programming models. That is, Several PB-solvers have been proposed and compared during the Pseudo- Boolean. Divide and Conquer: Towards Faster Pseudo-Boolean Solving. Jan Elffers and Jakob Nordström. KTH Royal Institute of Technology. {elffers,jakobn}