Bird hunter 2003 custom maps download

Bird hunter 2003 custom maps

A lot of birds, fun shooting. there are a lot of mods, though, I http://www. here old custom expansion and worked AI files and cartridges files, and maps with editors that devs provided). Hallo I am looking for some maps for Bird Huter served as Duck Avenger type: Kodiak Island Alaska, Missisipi Delta, Minnesota spring. Directory /GameMaps/BH BIRDHUNTER · BirdHunter__Patch_exe · CUSTOM MAPS/ · VIRTUAL OUTDOORS CAMP EXTRA.

Does anybody play "Bird Hunter " I had "Bird Hunter: Wild Wings" i got it its fairly easy downloaded a few custom maps. Bird Hunter - Legendary Hunting. map (Map screen) dgbirdseye - View bird Icons (Map screen) dgeggsact - Gun is stable (Hunt screen) dgfamine - Birds . African Safari Trophy Hunter 3D · Bass Masters Classic · Bird Hunter · Black Bass · Cabela's Big Deer Hunter - custom maps · Deer Hunter 3 v to.

Download Custom Maps · Screenshots · Bird Hunter Wild Wings · Sunstorm These are screenshots of Deer Hunter and the Bird Hunter Demo. For Bird Hunter: Wild Wings on the PC, FAQ/Walkthrough by Atracker. *On some custom maps bigfoot is very common. Glitches.