Anti idle save file download

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Anti idle save file

No way I'm taking the 10 seconds to backup my save file!” and then end up leaving Anti–Idle because of their save file being deleted. However. Kongregate ANTI IDLE SAVEFILE, post your thoughts on the discussion board or read fellow gamers' opinions. The Secret Save FIle (SSF) is a hidden game file used for testing things that would take a large amount of time on one's main file. For instance, one can test the maximum number of boxes one can store or give oneself strong enough Battle Arena equipment to fight deep into Endless.

Below is a list of all variables/codes that can be altered with the Secret Save File. Work in progress. Note: Variables with a * behind their names are new ones. As the title says I've lost my Anti Idle save file for some reason and i hadn't backed up. Was wondering if anyone had a save file which i could. A batch file that can be used to easily manage your AntiIdle saves, with This batch file primarily is used to easily backup and restore your Anti-Idle save files.

So I've been playing a very long flash game called anti idle lately. I have a bunch of hours of time playing it, and I want to back up my save. Anti-Idle: The Game is an Idle Game created by Tukkun and playable Auto- Save: The game saves every five minutes and whenever you close the game.